Published Author, Professor, Ghostwriter, Educator

After using her imagination with her neighbor Elijah, Karla the Dog 
receives an invitation from friends Nala and Niraj. The two want CQ 
and her to visit their wonderful community rooftop garden and 
enjoy a fun pizza party. While there, Karla and Nala explore and 
learn about urban gardening in the city and how it is different from 
other types of gardening.  They also learn about different types of 
plants and animals that can be found in urban gardens.  However, 
before the party ends, CQ receives a phone call that leaves Karla 
pondering about their next adventure.  Please visit 
www.karlathedog.com for more information about the Karla the 
Dog series and www.cultivatethecity.com for more information 
about urban gardening.